5 Reasons Why Mums Returning To Work Have The Skills For Success

Mums returning to work are enjoying the best of both worlds Are you a mum considering returning to work? Your invaluable transferable skills gained through motherhood coupled with a diploma from Elite Colleges could put you on the path to career success.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Mums Returning to Work Make Awesome Employees…

• Multi-Tasking

Once you have mastered feeding your baby whilst, ironing and holding a conversation with the taxman as your pasta bubbles away on the stove, you can pretty much juggle numerous work tasks.  After this, returning to work will seem like a walk in the park.

• Time Management

There’s always a bit of flexibility during the working day.  If you’re not ready for a meeting, you may be able to reschedule without causing any injuries.  However, there is absolutely no margin for error during a day with a child.  If you serve food 10 seconds too late to any toddler it can destroy the rest of your day!

• Strategic Planning

Getting out and about with the kids for hours on end is a daily occurrence. Arriving within a set timeframe is perhaps the definition of strategic planning and shows competency in logistics and project management.

• Conflict Resolution

Children can (and will) self-combust into a mass of tears and shouting in a matter of seconds, capable of wiping out entire supermarkets if their demands are not met. Even getting them dressed requires the conflict resolution skills of Kofi Annan.

• Interpersonal Skills

Being a mother equips you with both leadership skills - “No darling, I think you’ll find you should be doing it like this” - as well as the ability to delegate where necessary -”No darling, I think you’ll find it’s your turn to do that”.mum1


If you find the prospect of returning to work a little daunting, why not talk to an Elite Colleges Career & Course Advisor about your career options today… what have you got to lose?


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