A Diploma in Leadership and Management is the course to consider for career advancement. By successfully completing the course, students will be eligible to be considered for roles in:

• Senior Management
• Operations Management
• Change Management

The combination of leadership and management study is still a fairly new concept. With the constant changes facing business today, there is a demand for managers who can provide strong leadership, capable of strategic planning and organisational change.

The Diploma of Leadership and Management provides the student with the both the knowledge and the application of the skills required for upper managerial roles in today’s business environment.

The skill-set acquired from the Diploma of Leadership and Management includes the ability to manage resources, planning and strategic implementation, sustainability and goodwill.

Topics covered as part of the Diploma of Leadership & Management include:

• Organisational Development and Change
• Quality Management Systems
• Business Plan Creation and Execution
• Financial and Resource Management
• Innovation and Improvement Planning
• Corporate Social Responsibilities
• Workplace Policy and Procedures

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By undertaking the Diploma in Leadership and Management, students are fast-tracking their career path by gaining the desired strengths that are in demand from business. Upon completion, students will be prepared for managerial roles. This course is great, whether starting out in a new career or looking to get an edge for the next promotion.

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