Let’s be honest, the thought of a Double Diploma (also referred to as Dual Diploma) can be a little daunting. So why could it be an option for you?

DoubleDiplomaLanding-Page-Box• A Double Diploma broadens your career options by doubling your skillset – The more skilled you are, the more likely you’ll be considered for that promotion or dream job!

• A Double Diploma is not double the price – it’s cheaper than studying two single Diplomas!

• A Double Diploma can often be completed in a fraction of the time it takes to complete two single Diplomas – Fast-track your studies!

• A Double Diploma speaks volumes about your commitment, dedication and determination to get ahead. It is a very clear statement about your drive and strong work ethic.

Could a Double Diploma be the option you’ve been looking for? Checkout our list of Double Diplomas below or call an Elite Colleges Career and Course Advisor today on 1300 30 82 40 to discuss further.

Double Diploma of Events & Marketing
Double Diploma of Marketing & Business
Dual Diploma of Leadership & Management + Business
Double Diploma of Business and Leadership & Management
Double Diploma of Business & Business Administration
Double Diploma of Leadership & Management and Business Administration
Double Diploma Beauty Therapy & Salon Management

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