What Does Elite Colleges Membership with ACPET mean to you?


ACPET Membership: Put simply > Peace of mind!

While we at Elite Colleges have always conducted ourselves to the highest ethical standards in our ongoing commitment to helping you achieve your career goals through education. Becoming a member of ACPET helps to formalise our commitment, obligations, and standards in a Code of Ethics.

As a condition of admission Elite Colleges has agreed to abide by the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) Code of Ethics (http://www.acpet.edu.au/members/codes-of-practice/ethics/) which affirms the professional standards expected of education and training providers and their Sales Agents

Members are required to act with integrity in all dealings with students (past, present, and future), employers, with ACPET, and with other organisations.

This Code is intended to fulfil the following functions:

i. To define standards of conduct expected of members of ACPET in their dealings with one another; and with ACPET

ii. To provide students and clients with a clear statement of the standards

iii. To reflect the Code of conduct requirements of Commonwealth and State Government agencies for accrediting and registering organisations and courses under legislation which fund and/or regulate the provision of educational and training services for local and overseas students;

iv. To promote confidence and community trust in the services provided by members of ACPET.


Failure to act in accordance with the ACPET Code of Ethics may result in termination of membership with the potential withdrawal of approval by government and regulatory bodies for members to offer courses to Australian or overseas students and the cancellation of their registration as approved providers.


If you would like to discuss ACEPT’s Code of Conduct further or have any concerns you would like to raise with Elite Colleges,
please call us on 1300 30 82 40 or email us through our Contact Us page

For more information on ACPET’s Code of Ethics;
Please visit > http://www.acpet.edu.au/members/codes-of-practice/ethics/