Mature Age Students – Returning to Study Tips

Mature Age Students

For mature age students, adjusting to the academic lifestyle can be a big change.

Here are a few handy tips to help you adjust back into study

Your age is an asset
As mature age students, you should look at ways to bring your skills and life experiences into your studies. You may already be skilled at planning your time, writing drafts or have an understanding of the circumstances that enable you to work at your best. You may even qualify for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).

Involve family and friends
Studying is likely to give you a big confidence boost and make you more assertive in how you deal with everyday situations. To avoid making those closest to you feel excluded, try to involve your family and friends in what you’re doing.

Plan for school holidays
If you have children, plan ahead and ensure you’ve got childcare during the school holidays, allowing you more time to focus on your studies.

Study space
Think about where and when you study most effectively. If you feel you get disturbed when you study, plan your day so that you fit your work around lectures and seminars.

Remember why you’re doing this
If your motivation flags, remind yourself why you’ve chosen to study in the first place. These goals can sometimes be forgotten when deadlines loom or you feel stressed and anxious.

Get connected
Access online student communities, establish connections with other students. Don’t assume others won’t want to get to know you because you are a mature age student or that you won’t have anything in common. All students bring a range of experiences and interests regardless of their age or background.

Don’t suffer in silence – Use a study mentor
If you’re struggling with any aspect of study, speak to someone. Most colleges have course advisors or mentors on hand who are willing to listen and help.


And finally, try to relax and enjoy yourself! Life as Mature Age Students can be a fun and life-changing experience if you let it. Try new things and be open to change and you can’t go wrong!

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