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So how can you tell if online education is the right option for you?

Here are 8 signs it might well be:

1. Declining Job Opportunities in Your Current Line of Work
Due to changing market demands in Australia, a number of professions are now considered to be “in decline”. Seeing demand fall for your current profession could be a good indication that it’s time to head back to the books for a career that’s more in demand in today’s economy.

2. Your Job Doesn’t Provide the Income You Need
If your current position doesn’t pay enough, a new, higher paying career may be in order. This is where online education can help you get the skills you need to advance your career and increase your salary.

3. You Aren’t Located Near a Suitable Education Provider
The local college in your area doesn’t offer the course your seeking and/or the quality of teaching is too low.

4. You Need the Flexibility to Study When You Want
Brick-and-mortar classes are often scheduled at inconvenient times for those with full-time jobs, children, or carers. The flexible nature of online education makes it a better fit in these circumstances.

5. A Long Commute Is Not An Option
You could find yourself staring down a long commute to get your education in-person. And it isn’t just the time commitment that’s an issue. The cost is an issue as well. If you consider the price of public transport or petrol and other associated costs, travel costs quickly add up. The solution is obviously online learning. No commute, no traffic jams and no long-distance headaches.

6. You’re Eligible for Government Assistance
If you’re eligible for VET FEE-HELP loan from the Australian government, that’s a perfect sign that it’s time to head back to school for additional vocational training.

7. You Want To Save Money Over bricks-and-mortar Education
You should be able to find a course that takes advantage of the lower overhead online education courses have compared to their campus counterparts in order to offer students lower tuition and fees.

8. You Need Flexible Options 
All students learn differently. In a traditional classroom setting, however, teachers may not be able to offer flexible accommodations, lest they risk the entire class falling behind. Online, though? Both students and teachers alike are able to seek out or provide programs that give them desired flexibility in teaching and testing options.


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