Turn Your Valuable Life Experiences Into a Qualification… Opening a World of Opportunity!

Have you the life experience for that dream job! but not the qualification to get you through the interview door? Elite Colleges may have the answer you’ve been seeking…

Elite Colleges has recently entered an exciting new partnership with yet another leading Australian college, Churchill Education (RTO #31430).

Elite’s cornerstone has always been about YOU and providing the knowledge and tools to unlock your potential through further education. By partnering with Churchill Education, a compelling new range of diplomas have been brought into the mix as well as a specialized focus on providing assistance to those individuals who can provide evidence of prior learning.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is great way for you to fast track that qualification you have always dreamt of but never had the time. It’s a process where the college takes into account your previous life experiences such as work and study history and saves you from restudying areas where you have proven skills.elite_succeedingmed

You could potentially receive your qualification through Churchill Education in as little as 7 calendar days from enrolment.

What are you waiting for? Your life experiences count, put them towards a qualification and open doors to that dream job.

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Checkout our great new range of course from Churchill Education below, then discuss the process of RPL with one of our helpful Career & Course Advisors.

Courses on offer >

CHC50113: Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care
CHC50413: Diploma of Youth Work
CPP50611: Diploma of Security & Risk Management
TLI50410: Diploma of Logistics
TAE50211: Diploma of Training Design & Development
CHC51308: Diploma of Education Support
BSB51615: Diploma of Quality Auditing
BSB50315: Diploma of Customer Engagement
TAE50111: Diploma of Vocational Education & Training


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